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  • I loveee this pic because he is looking at the camera and you can see his big brown eyes ..........and also because he looks HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! can't wait 6Days oh yeah!
  • Boyfriend..............7 Days! Tell me what you like, dear/Tell me what you don’t/I could be your Buzz Lightyear/Fly across the globe/You don’t even need to fight, dear/You already know/I can make you shine bright/Like you’re laying in the snow/Burr.” For people who ask me "what do you like Justin Bieber for???" There are many reason ......he always puts others first, provides support and entertainment through his music, puts fans first and communicates with us through social networks like twitter, that makes each of us feel like he's talking to just us. He's always lovely and happy thanks Justin xxx I'll always be a belieber !!!!!!!!!!! Don't stop beliebing!! ha ha :) I just hope that people will stop hating on him when they don't even know him, but Justin always knows what to say so "doubters...dont be so quick to speak" . Let's get ready to #Believe!!!!
  • Justin looks really hot ........only 7 DAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS!