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  • Forevermore is a beautiful album and the new video is very moving. I love watching David sing love songs though it's a bit hard to watch him walk out the door. US and Canada can buy the album easily at their respective WOWHD sites with free shipping (and WOWHD has a few other country sites) - note the shipping can take a while if they haven't any on-hand. And there is info on David's official site about how anyone worldwide can buy the MP3's. August 7 watch for David's US album BEGIN - preorder has started at Deseret Books and it will also be available on Amazon, iTunes, Walmart. David worked so hard to leave music and videos for fans before his mission (as well as the 25-episode miniseries - we expect a DVD release of that at some point). BTW he's DavidArchie on twitter. There is no one I would rather be a fan of. #DA2014
  • Aww :) David Archuleta right before he got at least 3 of his 4 wisdom teeth out. He did a video blog before heading there, tweeted this photo from the chair, then tweeted about each extraction. Follow @DavidArchie on twitter - he's on his 2-yar church mission but his manager Kari posts news, saved treats and bits from David's mission emails.
  • Awww - I remember that David Archuleta picture - @DavidArchie himself tweeted that when he was about to get his wisdom teeth removed.