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  • [quote=reneelucky7]Marriage is not for kids- which is what both of them are. When you get married- you become one with a person. You can't just do whatever you want to do. If she wants to party and act like she is single then she should of not got married to start with. I would not be shocked if they did split. Avril is acting like she doesn't want him any more.[/quote] i agree. how old was she when she got married, 17-18? i say you should be atleast 25 to get married, especially hollywood starlets. they seemed so in love and now they are close to breaking up. i thought by now she will get a divorce or have a kid. so i was right with the divorce part.
  • sum1 fill me in please, isn't dat dating serena, also hilary is making a guest appearance right?
  • that shirt looks hott on him
  • [quote=obsessed]wow they look perfect! super scary and gorgeous. new moon's gona be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than twilightWOOOT CHRIS WEITZ[/quote] thank god katherine hardwick is gone
  • they are all awsome and very creepy, better the my imagination,
  • i don't know who is who, dakota fanning is jane the other guy is alec janes twin. the pne with blonde hair is marcus? and aro is guy with black hair and the third one is caius? i'm having trouble recognizing the actors because of all that makeup but otherwise they are deliciously creepy and gorgeous
  • the guy is better behind bars. and that pout looks terrible on miley.
  • the Famewhore wasn't in the news for a long time but she is now, after picking up paris H's leftovers. i guess she realized that leaching on to robsten wouldn't do her any good so now she hooked up with her own kind, another famewhore. as someone mentioned above, she is a terrible rosalie and only reason she is part of twilight is because catherine decieded to cast one of her friend. nothing she is only good at back stabbing her friends and tipping off the paps. Thank god she got over the fact that rob and her are not dating and moved off to someone exacly like her.
  • [quote=cat]wow she needs a tan really really bad.. there are dead people with more color than that[/quote] umm maybe because she plays a vampire in new moon.
  • i wish they picked someone else.