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  • Can someone point out to the Carter's that having their baby feet bare and uncovered can expose her to the different climates, various germs and diseases may subject her easily to catching those items. Her bare feet is a easy entry target to various germs and all. Especially with taking her from one country to another. Where is her safety seat to carry her safely from one place to another?The person carry without her being strapped in a safety seat, could trip and fall and there she is all unsafe and exposed to possible injuries. Where are the grand mothers with their motherly advise to give these parents? I understand the parents don't listen but if something happens to my grandchild because the parents are so busy being hardheaded and celebrities they would not want to feel my rife that for sure. I would not care nothing about what and who they are as celebrities that's for sure. They appear to be all willy neilly and being as safe as they can be with their baby. Limelight and Money poor little babies may the Lord be with you. This coming for a southern grandmother standpoint.Where the Nannies? Wow!