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  • [quote=janey]The scowl is very sexy[/quote] Yeah I love that he;s in character. Georges Duroy is such a mother F
  • He picks great projects. The twilight fans arent worthy of him. They have cack taste
  • He's amazing. The thing is a lot of entertainment sites dont realise yet what a wonderful actor he is. The dont see beyond his looks and Harry Potter and Twilight but he's a wonderful actor. A friend of mine was lucky enough to see the festival world premiere of Rob's next film Little Ashes (he plays Salvador Dali) and she was bowled over by him. The whole film infact and all the actors are amazing but she was so surprised at how brilliant Rob was. it such a hard role to play and he performs it perfectly. He is going to have an amazing career. Ther eisnt a weak area. He's as good at comedy as he is drama.
  • hells bells thats good. I've got a few I'll add too.
  • You are the first site to flag up Rob' new film so thank you very much. I cant wait to see it. When I read comments like: 'The moonlit water scene was genuinely lovely - it's almost like a dance between them through this shimmering water - I've no idea how they did it. There's a whole sequence set at Cadaques that just blew me away.' or: 'Rob’s hands get a lot of love in this film. He paints. Lots. And clings to stuff. He is also drunk, lots, at the beginning. He does it really well, and looks awesome being carried out of a bar. He wears ruffles. At one point, unless I’m very much mistaken, he is very very briefly dressed as a pirate. At another point he does wear a kind of Moroccan headdress thing that looks a bit like a school tie he's just tied round his head for no good reason. It is inexplicably adorable.' Every review makes me want to see it more and more.
  • Thanks for this mini site on him. He's going to be awarded the New Hollywood Award soon and has just received Best Actor at the Strasbourg Film Festival for playing Art in How To Be.
  • VMAN for me as well. Love that shot.
  • Actually its a combination of talent, charisma and sex appeal. He's a wonderful actor. You'll learn this soon enough when you see him play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. He has a quirky exciting personality and reminds me of Depp. I cant wait to follow his career for years to come.