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  • Oh Shelly, REALLY? I would just love to see what you look like, inside and out, because I just got a new Library Card and your a disgrace to WOMEN everywhere with that frame of mind you have. TAKE A GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR.
  • LoL I'm sorry did we all miss "WORLD PEACE" at the end of Madonna's Superbowl performance. Like she (madge) says in her son "knowbody knows me" and Ryan, don't even try because your words are just that, from the erotica album "WORDS"...look it up
  • TOTALLY disagree! MADONNA has been in her early years just as BIG if not BIGGER than Marilyn Monroe and she only used the Matereial Girl Video, she (Madonna) did not copy every blueprint of Marilyn's to make her career. And YES Deborah Harry was a HUGE infulence of Madonna's but come on, no woman has even come close to Madge. Remember, BRITNEY was the NEW Madonna, did not happen, she's fabulous but a joke. And GAGA is the same, she marks herself as an icon before doing the work, it will never happen that way sorry, we'll see who is next? Love her or Hate her, Madonna is NOT a victim and she is SOLID in every way. If MDNA was a dud as stated in the comments above, every artist today should PRAY for a DUD! Over $300+ Million later lol