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  • Khloe.. You are So Beautiful~!!! I know Kim is your sister but.. She is losing her Class.. Posing in "W" nude was so not necessary... Maybe you could teach her a few things lol... .I remember in one of your shows she said Im doing it with class because I have a big ass.. we all know she is beautiful.. Why be nude to show that you are beautiful.. I believe this is why she cant get a good man... You are so beautiful inside and out... and that is why you have a wonderful husband who loves you~!! Keep up the Awesome Work... Your Gorgeous Khloe...
  • What in the world are you doing? You are back and forth with being a hoe or having some class... You were crying about the videos then you pose for playboy now this? I thought Kourtneys boyfriend was bringing down the show but it seems like you are now... its a shame use to Love the Kardashians... Learn from your sister Khloe.. she has a wonderful husband and when she posed nude it was for a good cause.. Ever think that the only reason you cant get a good man is because you keep showing your body and not having any class.. this has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with Class.. and in my opinion you Lost it~!! free speech dont you just love it~!!! Learn from khloe will you???and your poor mom she is living vicariously through her daughters... I use to love the show but now its all about money... Come on Get some Class!!!!! you look terrible your face is awful lol.. Poor Kim.. Where are you going with this... Tell the producers its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!