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  • this is gonna be awesome!!! i can wait to see her on the show!!!!!!! omg two more episodes left!!!!
  • [quote=sil7blu]Most of these people posting that they hate Kristen's acting probably have no life. She will always be richer than you, prettier than you,and more talented than you will ever be. Just because you have an opinion does not make it true. Opinions are like @$$#0!&$ everybody's got one.[/quote] first off, no one hates her, we hate her ACTING! Shes a very apatheic actor, she should be in more serious movies like jodi foster. and twilight isnt a very good role for her and true blood has great actors with EMOTION. and so what if she has alot of money, what you think none of us can make that much money in the future? you make it seem that unfamous people can make that much money, well your wrong about that sweety. and for her being so called prettier than any of us who disagree about her acting, i think you need to check that again chick, i can find way more prettier girls on the street with talent.
  • they look so cute together! wasnt he talking to selena gomez?.....GO HEAD SWAUTNER!!!!!
  • im sorry but twilight has no match over harry potter. harry potter has more adventure and magic. theres a completely different world in harry potter everything has details and names when it comes to spells, wands, and artifacts. harry potter is well written, and imagine the time and effort it took to create such a world that j.k. rowling has made.you can see twilight like a regular love triangle chick flick, but instead you get vampires and werewolves as subsitutes. i mean the idea of a hot vampire falling for you is a very very sexy thing indeed, like a" i want you, but i cant have you" thing.i mean dont get me wrong i like twilight, but i just preferr harry potter.
  • you kno she cant help it, look at him, there so sexin' it up every minute they get a chance.