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  • Kimmie, YOU are absolutely wonderful. Tell Kayne Wes I said hello. May God Grant you a long life together and blesses your relationship with wonderful, but healthy children...Just Simply Incredible.
  • My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip. Once Kayne takes time off to drop another Million Dollar ($$$) album, Kimmie you may keep the "K W" in tact. It is acceptable. Hint "K" for your Knowledge and "W" for weekly Wisdom. Hope you are feeling well and that God may continue to Bless you in ALL in your endeavors....Today was "MY" B-Day...
  • Hey Kimmie: Hope you are feeling beautiful again today. I call you that like we are the best of BUDDIES...lol. Stay encouraged and keep shinning. You know what...your greatest attibute is your SPIRIT!!! If they dont except that. I do. . One Day!
  • Hey Kimmie: Keep working it. You are being TRULY felt. We all have things that we share in common, but it is up to us to rid ourselves of negative isses, situations and or person that might be holding US back. Stay encouraged and keep that head up from whereth commith thy strength. One day!
  • Hey KIMMIE; Hope that you have a joyful day. You are a WONDERFUL sight for people having a tough time. If a person needs his or her spirit lifted, all they have to do is see a picture of KIM. "K" . Have a wonderful Weekend, PEACE, WES3