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  • Kardashians are tipical Europien girls, olways look good! Not because clothes maky people, because they want to feel fine fore themselfs, Like what Khloe sad, do whatever makes you feel sexy, thats what we do.
  • Why we shoul copy u? We had never gone by youre trends :D We have are own, THats why they say that in Europe there are the nices girls, we are healthy and never show in publick like we just ren out of bed :P Get over yourself
  • Girls in Europe NEWER vear Sweatpants ! Here they would laugh u out !We (eu) want to be sexy all the time :3
  • Hi Kim! Im a BIG FAN FROM SLOVAKIA! A stupid coutri with no chances an surely no dream weding:/ My Love story began when i broke up with my ex, he was olvays beating me up and cruel to me, so i left him. At firs i had to hide frome him and be with my friends, meat new people, beacause he was faloving me. A month later my friends interdose me to Kamil, a gentleman. He was alvais gentle, opening dores, buing me things, buth i only wantet to spend time with him. At first we was scared to start a new relationship, because i ended myne a month ago and he ended a 5year relationship 2 months ago. So we were just spending time together, mostley working, because we had the same pation for advertisment.Cause I am a grafik designer and he likes to build advertisment sines and do cool things with led stripes.So what i made up he had to create :D He startet to show more love fore me, buth i was stil scared that i wil get hurt again. So i wantet a brake, and we did. Next day i was driving my mom to work and myself to school. I was a bit sad that day, cause i wontet to see him, buth i wantet to clear my mind. The road was wet and full of leafs. In one turn i dident see an oil spot on the road and my car (4x4) went into a drift. And i couldent get out of it, my car ren into a garden, hit a tree and turned around and landed on the rof. I was in a panik, i just wantet to know if my mum is alright, thank god she was. All i wantet to do next is call him (Kamil) he was just going with his mum to some other city. When i told him what hapend he droped his mum at his aunt and went after me. (He was a driver of an ambulence) Those were the longest 10 minits of my life, when i realised how mutch i want to be with him. Days after that he was taking care of me, making activities just to get my mind of that exident. We startet do date few days frome that. The second year was even harder, my parets divorsed and me and my brother separeted because he was on fother side and i was on moms side. We had a big argue and he beated me up.Kamil tried to protect me buth my brother is biger :/ Buth at the end he throu him awai from me. Then my mom lost ower house, she hade to give it away just to pay the bils she had. So we had to move. Those were the worst days, buth thanks to Kamil a got throu. Now we aretogether for 2 years and living to gether, tring to make ower lives bether and make every day special :)