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  • I wonder if she will ask Angelina Jolie-Pitt to step in for her when she decides to leave her kids alone again???HMMMM
  • NO...she is washed up and will probably screw up the scenes. I am NOT a hater, just a realist. This is one movie I wont waste my money, energy or time to see :) No wait, she will only make Michelle Rodriguez shine brighter than she is..yah, go ahead and cast her but I still won't go see it..lol
  • She is not a freak. She is a human being. Are you? WHy be such a hater? Kendrra contribution is entertainment and obvious fodder for bloggers such as yourself :).
  • she will NEVER be like Jennifer Anniston and she will end up as a flash in the pan just like her dad..with his achey breaky heart..lol. I think she is really older than she claims to be. At 15 she was dating a 20 year old guy, what KIND of role model is that to her tween fans??? Oh wait, but if you grew up in that kind of family (mullet hair do dad), I should expect no less....LOL
  • OMG..is this her mom standing in for her...she loooks sooooooo old!
  • Katie: Did you get permission from Tom to perform...? I knew it was coming up but i switched channels to watch something else....needless to say I saw the short clip on Yahoo Primetime and yep...I didn't miss much...lol
  • Awwwww..this is a baby cub....Me thinks that Kim looks a little bit wayyyy too scared of a baby! Watch out it doesn't bite you in the ass..oh wait, she has enough to bite off, what AM I saying...lol
  • Rene: Maybe because black babies are cute and she is taking a photo op to promote her wealthy family? Who knows, but i agree w/you...oh yah her new show coming up promotes her drunkeness and I wonder if she will get arrested for DUI again but this time in MIAMI...hmmmm..we shall see!
  • Kevin, why aren't you here in Clovis taking care of your first babies born to your mama?? Oh yah, get a real job OK?
  • Now, tell me everyone...why do you think Michael recorded the song "BEAT IT"? I think Michael wrote songs that he really experienced in life....odd huh? Joseph Jackson is disrespectful of his family that is for sure, but he will not be one of the limited number of people allowed in the Kingdom w/his Yaweh!