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  • Duh - it didn't happen at the party! It's an OLD pic from November! Just look at what they are wearing - it' not the same clothes at the party! I mean did you really need a confirmation..
  • HOLLYFAIL i mean Hollyscoop has alreay updated it's blog to say it is a CONFIRMED FAKE photo. Check w/ source. Careless, irresponsible blog decided to run with it w/o even checking it's real in the first place. It's sad.
  • Not that's its really anyone's business. But Selena was taping her show, Wizards of Waverly Place, on Friday evening, Dec 17, in Los Angeles. Just looking at Selena and other castmates' twitters (via timeline including pics & video) they were on still on set around 9 PM PST (LA time) , which is 12 AM EST (Miami time). Unless she really is a wizard casting transporting or replicating clone spells, it's impossible that Selena arrived into Miami around 1AM. Lol.