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  • I love Kristen and wish her the best. She is a talented and beautiful young lady. You have a bright future so don't worry about the haters.
  • I think Kristen got it going on. I can't imagine being followed by photographers all day long. Robert is no angel. He's cheated on Kristen but kept it on the down low. Most women cheat because there's something missing in their relationship. I don't agree with what she did, but every one makes mistakes. She was only 22 and Rupert Sanders was 44. I can't imaging the lies he whispered to her. Kristen can do better than crooked nosed Robert Pattinson any day. Every time I think about Katy Perry laughing in Kristen's face and pretending to be her friend, it make me sick to my stomach. Well, I guess that enough on this subject.......
  • I fell in love with Dermot Mulroney when I saw him in the The Wedding Date. He was so sexy. I have always been a fan, but now just a bigger fan. Much success to him.