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  • thats amazingly sweet (:
  • [quote=reneelucky7]I think that it is lame when people copy other people's tattoos. It shows that that person does not have individuality or creativity. I designed my own tattoo and got it when I was 17 years old for my B-day. I have several piercings as well. But tattoos (and body piercings) are not childrens games. You MUST have a high pain tolerance[/quote] you have good opinions (: what was your tat of?
  • steve-o is amazingly sexy & hilarious and i love him. (: [quote=reneelucky7] You gotta be joking. A man that lights his farts on fire is not sexy.[/quote] whats wrong with ligthing farts on fire? that quite possibly makes him even sexier (:
  • damnnn he got super super hott (:
  • haha i love him (:
  • yeah he doesn't look very different ...