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  • What Crap....Miley Cyrus ?? REALLY ??? WTF ??!! She's A F*cking Slut That Pole Dances, Dresses Like A Whore AND AND AND !! Cannot Act Nor Sing.... WHY WAS SHE EVEN ON THE LIST ?? She's A Disgrace ...... Taylor Swift Or Selena Gomez Shoulda Been On There NOT THAT SLUT !! Gosh !!! Angelina...Dearie Please Your A Husband Steal Hoe..So Don't Think Anything Else.....!! Really Help The US Then Check The Other Parts Of The World Ok ? Those Houses And Stuff In New Orleans....Y'all Got Help Cost Covered And Stuff...GAH !! This Is Such A Dumb Crap !!
  • [quote=gal]however offensive she may be towards twi-hards, she's right. the entire saga is built on the sexual relationship of edward & bella. their entire relationship drips of unrequited sexual tension. sexual tension, first kiss, sexual tension, first bite, sexual tension, last bite, sexual tension, first time, first baby, etc[/quote] Seriously True
  • AWW she's sooo cute !!!!( so is the Boy )
  • Push Up..? Has This Dude Seen Taylor's ABS ??? i mean Gah !
  • Hmmm Both Look Homeless ..... EVER HEARD OF RAZORS ?
  • Danny As Justin Bieber ?? ARE THEY F*CKING KIDDING ME ??!!! That's A CLASSIC !! Don't Ruin It With Justin && The Slut..... Miley Cyrus Can -Act?? Nah -Sing ??? OH HELL NO !! -Dance ? If Pole Dancing Counts....... Ugh Damn It This Ruined My Mood
  • THE SITUATION ?? LOL can't wait now.....
  • [quote=Natalee]Screw All Of You!! Selena is the BEST disney star with soo much talent to offer! She is stunning and breath-taking, and VERY sweet! I LOVE everything about her, I'm more a fan of hers than Demi Lovato,Miley Cyrus,Taylor Swift, which are also talented stars, but she def. reins supereme! No quetions asked![/quote] Same Thing I Was Thinking....Say What Y'all Want Demi Is Fake-ish Miley Is A Slut && Taylor Is Awesome 2 Although She Can't Act
  • Wednesday...i agree with Noah i Seriously Hope That My Daughter Turns Out Like You
  • Damn....I Knew I Always Liked Him