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  • k Randy should not be doing skinny jeans!!!
  • uuhh hellooo look at her body!!! Who's the hater now Celebuzz peeps!?!??!?! hehehehe and isn't 40 the new 20 anyways!??! Props for JLo!!!
  • Coco you should be ashamed of yourself and ice make your wife act and dress like a lady
  • My name is Yalixa and my fiancé’s name is Robert. We met over 4 years ago through my cousin and soon after meeting, Rob wanted to date but I wasn’t interested at the time. He was all about going after what life was really about, while, selfishly, I wanted to still ‘enjoy’ my 20’s. I knew he took relationships seriously and respectively, yet, I looked for the wrong type of love in the wrong places. Fast forward 3 years and I find myself still single reflecting back on all my failed relationships simply because I made poor choices. In an attempt to pick myself back up and spend some quality time with a good friend, I call Rob (since we had remained friends) and we go out for coffee. We continue to hang out together until one night he invites me over his place for a surprise, which was a song he had written for me. He sang the song (and played the piano) and it was the moment it all clicked…. And I fell in love with him. It’s been amazing ever since and our wedding is scheduled for June 2, 2012. I don’t regret the ‘wasted’ 3 years where we could have been together… everything happens for a reason, but sure would’ve been nice to have started a true, meaningful relationship back then. We are happy we’re together now and looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives….. full with lots of babies! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/23/6007842910_3d2be2e4df_b-340_509.jpg[/img]