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  • I am a techie person because I am getting my sons the Nabi pad for Christmas. It's a tablet made kids, with Android, and lots of educational features. A techie mom must bring out the techie in her kids! I'd love to win this gift for my best friend of 15 years who is going to be home for the holidays and then deployed back to Afghanistan in January :/ I have followed you on twitter and liked you on facebook!
  • My favorite shopping companion is my best friend! We already know what the other would like/want, so as we are out shopping, we'll both end up finding things that the other would love. I have followed you on twitter and liked u on facebook
  • I would love to win this tablet because I would be able to do practically ANYTHING while on the run! I would be able to catch up on work related things while stuck in traffic instead of having to stay up and extra hour or more AFTER the kids are in bed, and I could also do fun stuff to make my commutes fun! I've been wanting a tablet for a while now, but it's not on my budget. I'm a single mom of twin boys (6) so if I won this, it would be only xmas gift! It would be nice to have something to open up on xmas too! :) I have liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter!!! Happy Holidays!
  • My favorite Twilight hairstyle is Bella's when she went to prom! She had soft, subtle curls that gave her that sultry yet sweet look! I cannot begin to say how excited I am about this contest!!! I have 'liked' you on facebook and 'followed' you on Twitter(@Karma5o4)!
  • The infomercial I cannot live without is the Snuggie one.. and yes, this might be slightly biased just because of how much I LOVE my snuggie! The infomercial actually reminds me of my kids and myself, especially now that the temperatures have dropped, we go from room to room with our snuggies! At time my boys even offer "Mom, do you want me to get get your snuggie for you?" Lol I have 'liked' you on facebook and 'followed' you on twitter!
  • What helps me get to sleep at night is background noise- usually from the TV and my sleep mask! I have 'liked' you on facebook and 'followed' you on twitter. If there was ever a contest that wanted to win badly, this one is it!!!
  • I have 'followed' you on twitter (@karma5o4) and 'liked' you on facebook. I would celebrate with this bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne by bringing it in to my office Christmas party! After all, when you spend more time with co-workers than at home, they do become family.
  • I have 'Iiked' you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter! I deserve to be treated like the gods because my body is screaming for it. I am a working single mother of twin boys and have not been on vacation since I had the twins (2005). I would love to feel like I'm in heaven for at least a day!
  • I like SuperBass. SuperBass is that kind of song that you don;t have to be a fan of the singer just to get it stuck in your head! I would love these boots because to be honest, I just got rid of mine last week. They were so old that the rain was actually seeping into the boots :/ Plus, these boots are pink, cute, and stylish! Who wouldn't want these! I have liked you on facebook and am following you on twitter (@karma5o4)
  • I love my twin boys THIS BIG! It is difficult at times and even stressful, but the JOY that they bring to my life by far outweighs any difficulties. They have seen ma cry, cheered me up, given me the motivation I have needed to continue preserving! Without them, I would NOT be where I am today. They are the biggest blessing I could have ever received! <3