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  • i really really like Jen , she seems so sweet and cool ! wish some twifans would stop dissing and hating her for no real reason ! felt the need to say it
  • Oh Janie u are THAT jealous of her? really ? wow you really have a sad life if u dedicate it to trash celebs with Hot boyfriends, get ur ass out of the computer ,maybe go for a walk and stop dreaming of Edward Cullen bahahahahaha amd get urself a vibrator jealous hag
  • Poor Girl?, No darling she isnt the innocent one here, Reed and Rob never dated if you referring to the shitty article from NY Mag the moronic reporter added the names of Rob and Nikki , Both actors have denied being in a relationship it was Reed however that tried to manipulate her way to get Kristen away from Rob so she had a chance with him, unlucky for her Rob never wanted anything with Reed all you read out there is bullshit , dont believe everything ok and definitely dont believe that Nikki Reed is the innocent victim of Rob and Kristen's relationship she is not cause by trying to ruin RK, she ruined the entire cast dynamic , like i said you have no idea what kind of person Reed is , Ask Lohan, ask evan rachel wood, ask Ryan Philippe they know what a bitch she truly is and why she looses friendships so easily
  • seriously that lame excuse about Kristen being emotionless is getting really really old , sometimes i think its you people that cant recognize emotions
  • U need medication stat ! if u think that a actress management team has the power to control everyone u really need a psychological evaluation
  • Cake Eaters, Cutlass and On the Road is missing in this list
  • Kinda sad that not even Taylor gets what truly is the relationship of Jacob and Renessme, ppl are making it seem like its in a romantic perspective , its not , its a friendship that develops first and then its romantic when Renessme is older , its the reason for Jake's obsession with Bella , he was destined to be part of the Cullens just like Bella was as well and it saddens me that very few understand the twilight story and yet they are "fans" of it , Ohh Well, Anyways unlike the douches at Rotten Tomatoes "opinion" Abduction is a good movie ! i hope it does well !
  • To me both actors look great in their characters but people should give them a chance its not just about the looks is how the actor connects with the character and portrays him, there are reasons the casting directors chose these boys and they are the professionals that know , fans can bitch and moan all they want but in reality we dont know shit about acting we have to wait and see the final product and then we can discuss
  • Of course it had to be weird for Reed, seeing her ex- friend "pretend" to marry the man she couldnt have and never was with HAHAHAHAHAHA , thats the reason for your PRstunt relationship with Paul right Reed? forever Alone Reed!!! LOSER!!!!