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  • We would like our mom Dolores Garcia of Fresno to be chosen for this Mothers Day contest. My mom is the best mother ever because she is the only person I know who can make you feel so happy and loved when your around her. She knows what to say to cheer you up and make you laugh and smile. All my friends love her and you know what even some of my friends boyfrirends loved to be around my mom now that's something. Everyone I know always tell me man Yesenia you have the most coolest mom ever. I wish I had a mom like yours. I think that the reasons why my friends say that is because my mom treats them like if they were her own kids. She never treats kids any different from the way she treats her own kids. She shows all kids love no matter who they are or where they come from and how old they are. She is always loving, caring , kind, generous, and always looking out for kids. I guess that's what mothers do at least that's what my mother does. So this is why I think my beautiful mother is the best because she simply loves kids no matter who you are she makes you feel like part of the family. So now it's time to show her love back for all the love she has given to everyone else. Like it's said good people need a break too! What better way to show her how happy & lucky we are to have in our lives. So please lets make this Mothers Day one to remember.