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  • White trash McMansion. Just what I would expect.
  • [quote=sonnychiba]We're in a sad state of affairs when doing drugs whether illegal like pot or legal like salvia is seen as "typical" teenage behavior. Can't she at least wait until Hannah Montana goes off the air? Whether some of you like it or not Miley Cyrus is looked upon as a role model for young people who watch her show, kids generally want to be like their favorite singer. She is sending young children a very bad message, which seems to be when you're a teenager do whatever you want. It's really sad that young teenage girls have no positive media image and it seems that the media glorifies slutty, drugged up, drunken skanks. You " let her live her life" people either don't have kids or are oblivious to the influence of media figures on young people. She has done several things that are worthy of criticism and thank goodness people have been speaking out.[/quote] Can these so-called parents who's children look up to Hannah Montana not have a talk to their kids about the difference between a fictional character and the "actor" who plays that fictional character? Do you really expect an 18 year old stranger to live her life in a certain way so your kids won't be confused or disappointed? Maybe this would also be a good time to teach them about thinking for themselves and making good choices instead of being slack-jawed little consumers and victims.
  • [quote=danielleserna]who ever eva is f*ck you bitch. i wish i knew u sorry ass. id knock the f*ck out u.[/quote] Um, I'm pretty sure you just proved Eva's point....
  • From the waist up she looks like one of those deranged old ladies you see on the street in NYC wearing a ratty old fur and turban who will talk your ear off about having once lived in the same building as Bette Davis.
  • I looked at the uncensored photos on another site and it gave me a shot of self-confidence. I'm in my 40's and my body doesn't look that gross. People keep saying she's had plastic surgery. If so, it must have been at a clinic staffed by first year med students with some very specific and odd fetishes. She may have a pretty face, but it's hard to tell under all that spackle. (No, I'm not jealous of this vacuous twit, other than perhaps her bank balance.)