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  • Ok..yeah I know I swore the other day I would never go on this site again after the ridiculous crap that was written about Rob being a "diva" but this is just getting blown way out of proportion...is this site that desperate for hits that you now have to make "news" out of nothing???? For gawds sake, the man just got off of a plane, looked tired as hell, and was met by some fans who security seemed unprepared to deal with...Rob was courteous..he signed the autographs, smiled, was apologetic, what else do you want him to do...and as for the "sombrero incident 08" lol he wasn't even the one who pulled it off, it was one of his handlers, so just chill out...he was surprised and if you listen carefully he can hear his nervous giggle...so pls stop trying to make this bigger than it is...Rob is a great actor, and I firmly believe he has a long career ahead of him, that is if he decides to keep making films, if I were him I would just get on the next plane to somewhere and just live a life of obscurity because this is insane, you would think he was like Britney chasing the paps around, he is simply just trying to live his life while all the crazy happens around him...
  • Nice!...it took what, a week for you guys to turn on him? Last week he was your golden boy, and now apparently he is acting like a diva...next time why don't you check the facts around your supposed sources stories...everything you "reported" has been disputed by actual photos and fan stories on other sites...good grief...give the guy a break...as for me, I know I won't be wasting my time ever again visiting this site...
  • I agree Rob Pattinson is so much more than just a good looking face, and incredible "sex-hair"...what makes him so damn sexy is that he is the whole package and more, amazingly talented (both in terms of his acting and musically), charming with a great self-depricating humour, modest, shy, funny, and the raw sexual energy that just radiates off of him...!!!