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  • The scene that I am most excited for is the scene in the cave when Katniss is preparing to leave Peeta so that she can get the medicine he needs. And i know that a lot of people are going to choose that scene, but i don't want to choose another one just because of that reason. It meant something to me because when she is about to leave, she realizes that she could very well die, but she is still willing to die for Peeta. Even though she wasn't sure how she felt about him, she realized that she did love him in a way. it was a love much stronger than the romance that they were playing out- it was love for a friend. so deep that she was risking her life for him. i can't wait to see Jennifer Lawrence portrayal of Katniss as she prepares to leave Peeta, with the possibly of never returning. i think that it will move everyone, for that scene portrays the real love story in the book.