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  • I don't get Lexi's comment. But let's just say we all know either of them is smart for doing all those silly things. But you gotta admit that what Jamie said to Miley was much harsher than what she did to Selena & Demi (But don't think I'm okay with that, that's one of the reasons why I stopped supporting her) The funny thing is, after being mocked by Miley, Demi is now becoming one of Miley's best friend. Weird :)
  • [quote=moomoo] its not the fact that people think she is amazing. Its the racial prejudice that he is showing in his comments. If you used your little mind to separate Miley Cyrus from the issue you might be able to spot what people are actually angry about.[/quote] I never thought what Jamie said was right, in fact I think that was superficial of him to do that, I mean he's as old as her dad or something. I'm just saying that you if you wanna defend her becuz what Jamie said was inconsiderate, fine, but please stop all the: "She's a wonderful person", "She's so amazing" blah blah... At first I was gonna post a huge comment about how shallow Jamie was, but then I saw some of the comments and felt annoyed, that's why I posted this. Don't jump to conclusion that I'm a Miley hater or whatever it is that you call, I'm used to be a fan of hers. P/s: He's just apologized to Miley on a show. I forgot what the show was but anyway he was like: "I was just joking" blah blah. Like he'd be fine if somebody called him son of a b*tch or something.
  • How is Miley amazing?? Not defending Jamie or anything becuz I know what he did was perfectly wrong, but Miley's not so smart either. She was terribly jealous with some other actresses (not saying who, it's just that she started it and we all know), and then tried to convince people that she's a nice person by telling them that she and those other actresses are friends. And don't forget all the things she did with her boyfriends, neither of whom I can remember becuz there are so many of them!!! She took a photo with a guy pulling her shirt up to her boobs, and one with her huge cleavage in front of my face, and one in the bathroom where she was almost naked with the water pouring down, and the rest, can't remember but trust me, ain't cute to look at all. The thing is, whenever she's alone or with one of her boyfriends, she turns into a lovingly flirtatious bitchy slut who takes trashy photos to satisfy her so-called boyfriends and the media, and when she's with her BFF Mandy, she turns into the most annoying person on earth who has these obnoxious video clips saying bad things about people or bragging about themselves. I just don't see why some of you think of her as an idol, I mean I'd understand it if you want all the young teenage girls in the world to turn into whores who are willing to take disgusting, trashy photos with their boyfriends or making fun of people. But that's not how an idol should affect her fans, that's what a life-hater would do in order to ruin the beautiful lives that some of us still have by turning the world into a place filled with sluts who are not old enough to be sluts!!! I just wish she would turn 18 already, that way she can be a so-called grown-up and I don't have to care about all those stupid things that she does. Wanna know why I care?? Becuz I'm her age!!! And for a person who's still her age to do those silly things, that's just inappropriate. I hope younger girls won't be obsessed by her, becuz once they got obsessed by her, they might actually try to do whatever it is that she does. And who knows, maybe that's when her dream comes true!!!