Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli-photo
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  • Dkidd

    she is stilll hot come on guys tell me you would say no to her

  • commenter

    Its sad all the wasted years she spend over weight

  • leisuregirl

    have you seen her Jenny Craig commercial where she's sporting a bikini? No photoshopping there and she looks amazing!

  • susy

    She looks great ,even if it was photoshopped ,the commercial speaks for itself.Excercise and eating right are the only two things(legally)other than surgery that help you lose weight! She did it!!!!!!!

  • Tania

    You guys, come one, there are plenty of moms out there who have had kids, and look fantastic (yes, normal, non-celebrity moms)lol i think this is really her, with just a little photoshop lols

  • sbaran

    The woman was a heffa. Where are the stretch marks? Who and who?!

  • noah


    Looking closely, I don't even think that's her body -- it looks like they took her shriveled and pruned jack-o-lantern head and just pasted it on top of the body of a 25 year old. Valerie Bertinelli has a belly-button ring? Really?

    This would be more believable if they pasted Estelle Getty's head this body... and she's been dead for almost a year.

  • stephiebmua

    hahaha photoshop is great..but even if this is photoshopped (which it is) congrats to her on the weight loss..

  • bawwow

    i think photoshop does wonders