Vanessa Hudgens Denied at Sushi Den

Vanessa Hudgens Denied at Sushi Den-photo

Vanessa Hudgens learned a valuable lesson in humility—when a crowded Los Angeles restaurant couldn't seat her, the High School Musical star resisted ranting and raving until seats opened up, she bowed out and headed home for takeout.

Hudgens, 19, hit Japanese spot Katsuya in Studio City, California, outside of Hollywood with her mom Gina and younger sister Stella, but unfortunately the fish joint was filled to the gills and couldn't accept the star and her brood.

"There were no available tables and the management was extremely sorry they could not accommodate her,” a rep for the restaurant said.

No worries, V. Next time, perhaps, bring that pretty boytoy of yours. We have a feeling they'd add a wing or two if he wanted a roll.



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  • sophie1986

    If she had flashed them, they would have gotten her a table. It's not like we haven't seen her tits before. No need to be shy here, Vanessa.

  • shiella

    how dare you miss/mr.nobody!!!your such a big looser for sayimg that!!!damn.....

  • someone

    vanessa miss beautifull

  • noah

    that place is super tasty.

  • nobody

    i hate this bitch! she should rot in hell.

  • nikkibrice

    Who cares???

  • bawwow

    it IS vanessa though....

  • amijames

    anyone can post on that site and claim that she is Vanessa... Leave her alone...

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Did someone mention Vanessa Hudgens and sushi in the same sentence? I think I just sinned in my pants a little...