Victoria Beckham Calls Out Lady Gaga

Victoria Beckham Calls Out Lady Gaga-photo

Who would win in a catfight - Victoria Beckham or Lady Gaga? The world may soon find out!

Notable diva Victoria aka Posh Spice is calling out the "Bad Romance" chanteuse in a new interview with Women's Wear Daily (via ONTD,) saying:  "If I'm being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?"

It may, in fact, be fair to say… as long as your not one of Gaga's millions-strong Little Monsters! Posh does give Gaga some credit, however, when it comes to her notorious heel-less platform shoes, which boggle the mind of even perennial stilletto-wearer Posh.

"I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports. I mean, goodness, people think I dress up to go to an airport!" she said. "I think she's really doing her thing. That's her."

Who do you support in this mini-feud - Gaga or Posh? Shout it out in the poll below.



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  • ashely

    She's right..I mean at first Lady Gaga was cool... different... but now we had have enough of her and it's getting sick...anoying... Posh got class... Gaga got...weirdness? I don't know about you , but I don't feel like a "li' MONSTER".. :))

  • Shannon Shelton Henson
    Shannon Shelton Henson

    At least "Posh Spice" has just a little bit of class. Lady Gaga has a few "ok" hits but shes not the best talent in the world. Kinda reminds me of Britney Spears. Can't sing worth a crap but can entertain a crowd.

  • Clasher

    if SICKtoria wasn't married to Beckham ? She would be waiting tables at a greasy spoon in >..

  • B

    What the f@#% does anyone here know about talent? You all come here to pass judgment on celebrities without having any sort of talent yourselves. So we get an opinion from a Spice Girl who's only talent now is to lay flat for Beckham, and you all agree that a woman who has become rich and famous from singing and playing piano and writing her own music is a parody of herself? Is everyone just upset that Susan Boyle has used up her 15 minutes?

  • Molly Frazier Swanson
    Molly Frazier Swanson

    Doesn't Posh have a meal to throw up or a botox appointment to get to? I think she's just a little jealous because Gaga has more talent than she has ever dreamed of.

  • S

    Can we add...don't care as an option to the above "poll"?

  • its me
    its me

    one pouty faced anorexic parody of a woman is criticizing the parody that is Gaga. I mean wasn't she a spice girl. in fact wasn't she named "posh" spice in a group where every lady was assigned a spice name. Calm down posh, no one takes you anymore seriously than when you you had a "music" career.

  • armando

    You right James their both talentless skanks.

  • Romy

    The fact people bought into the facade in the first place amazes me. It's just dance club music dressed up in meat. Could not agree more. The song "Razzle Dazzle" comes to mind.

  • Me

    The fact people bought into the facade in the first place amazes me. It's just dance club music dressed up in meat.

  • James

    One no talent skank ripping another no talent skank. Slow news days, I guess

  • Megan

    I think it's fair to say, but at the same time Victoria Beckham's been a parody of herself for 12 years.

  • Meg

    I think that is perfectly fair to say, and true.