VIDEO: Audrina Patridge's Home Invasion

VIDEO: Audrina Patridge's Home Invasion-photo

UPDATE: Police have released a statement on the incident. Officers from the Hollywood division took a burglary report at 2 a.m. February 23, according to LAPD spokesperson Richard French, who noted it was part of "an ongoing investigation." 

"The resident was not home at the time of the break-in and the suspect is still outstanding," says French. French says it was unknown what property was taken.

As reported by Celebuzz, Audrina Patridge's home was burgled on Sunday. Now the Hills' token brunette has released video of the crime, and is asking for your help in apprehending the scoundrels who perpetrated the crime.

Take a close look at the video below. If the thieves look familiar, Patridge urges you to contact her with information that may lead to their arrest.

"If you have any information regarding the break-in or recognize either of these people please contact (213) 972-2971," Patridge writes on her official Web site. "Any tips would be most appreciated."

Get to it, citizens; eternal vigilance is the price of freedom! Thanks!



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  • hey

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  • Snitz

    What low lifes and does the girl think she's bloody miley cyrus lol.

  • val

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  • tripodtheperv

    Has anyone seen Kid Rock? He looks like the perp. Also, I would have gone straight to the dirty laundry basket, sniff sniff....ahhhhh.

  • divamuffin

    Did she stage it??? this is a horrible thing!! hopefully the robbers will be coming for you next

  • sbaran

    Did she stage it???

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    Jesus F'n Christ the Homo

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