VIDEO: Carrie Prejean Is a Big Baby—and a Liar!

VIDEO: Carrie Prejean Is a Big Baby—and a Liar!-photo

We've seen our share of awkward interviews lately, but this one might just take the cake.

Disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean appeared on Larry King Live on Wednesday night, and let's just say things got a little unpleasant when the topic of her recently dropped lawsuit against the Miss USA organization came up.

(Prejean, who had been seeking $1 million for, among other things, religious discrimination, settled the lawsuit for basically nothing last week, reportedly because the organizers had unearthed a solo sex tape she had made of herself.)

When host Larry King tried to pin Prejean down on why, exactly, she had dropped the suit, Prejean stonewalled, saying that the negotiations were "completely confidential" and declaring,

"Larry, you're being inappropriate, you really are."

Then things got really weird, when Larry opened up the phone lines to viewers in an effort to change the subject.

As a gay male caller from Detroit attempted to quiz Prejean for marriage advice, the dethroned beauty queen took off her microphone. And then just sat there, threatening to walk off the show.

At least, that seems to be what she was doing—Prejean's portion of the audio was inaudible because, you know, she had taken off her microphone.

Geez, ask a simple question...

That wasn't Prejean's only awkward moment of the week. TMZ reports that Carrie's former boyfriend—the one for whom she made the sex tape in question—says that she asked him to lie about how old she was when she made the tape.

The ex-beau claims that Prejean tried to get him to say that she was 17 when she made the tape when, in fact, she was recorded the video in 2007—when she was 20. (Presumably, this gambit was an effort to prevent the tape from being made public, since she would have been underage when she made it.)

Oh, and one more thing—the ex-boyfriend says that Carrie sent him numerous explicit tapes. Which we can only assume will make their way onto the Internet at some point, because that's just what celebrity sex tapes do.

Maybe Prejean would have been better off quietly fading into the sunset...



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  • colicistard

    I think that she is the MOST annoying person in the news right now.

  • ingrid




  • GirlofEmeraldcity

    I think that she is the MOST annoying person in the news right now. I don't understand her actions during interviews recently,its almost as if she has a guilty conscious. I can't wait to not have to see her in the news any more. Oh and by the way good for her for writing a WHOLE 70 pages! I bet she maxed out her vocabulary!

  • suszieq7

    somebody call the wah-mbulance. geez, get over yourself. You are a de-throned beuaty queen; NOT the queen of sheba.

  • citygirl

    she is such a loser its ridiculous....he asked a simple question and then finally he stopped askin about it and moved on...she is probably to stupid to answer the mans question....who the hell even kares about her! stop with the stories on her y is she even bein interviewed she is soooo freakin lame...wat a BIIIITTTCHHH!! i wanna punch her in the face so bad