VIDEO: 'Curse You, VMAs!'

VIDEO: 'Curse You, VMAs!'-photo

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities' favorite curse words are? Who hasn't?

Brooke Hogan, Cisco Adler, Seth Green and a bunch of other show-biz notables took time out before the VMAs to wax profane. Check it out below:

Holy [beep]! That was [beep]-ing insane!

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  • cool dude amy
    cool dude amy

    omg ive meet him well he sighned my shirt i wish i could show you a picture it was totoally hot my friends arent happy about my obbsession but i totoally am

  • Kelieh

    Rob is tooo cute..what a darling..tyke hahahahaha i don't think any swear word could sound bad coming out of his mouth that's true! and he is sooo cute!

  • olivia

    oo my robert tyke the best you lil tyke

  • twilight4forever

    lol. well wat was he going to say? i wouldnt like it if he had said an actual swear word. tyke. lol. still makes me laff

  • denise

    Mine is probably sh*t. lol pretty simple. Or f*ck. Yeah, I agree - it was pointless to ask them their favorite word when they censor it out. What the hell man? I'm so going to ue Tyke now. I love Rob!

  • Jessssy

    Everyone knows that everyones favourite curse word is *va jay jay*. IF you don't, you're a *va jay jay*!

  • stephanie

    rob is the cutest thing alive! i wouldn't be able to function without his way of words. "tyke" i'm gonna use that now "shut up you stupid tyke" :D

  • not as famous as them
    not as famous as them

    haha, "tyke!" "er, what?" "tyke!" Spunk Ransom strikes again

  • Alaina

    ha ha. oh Rob. Tyke! Thats pretty fricken swank!

  • haloco

    LOL at Rob! Tyke is not a swear word! I think he just didn't want to say anything!

  • Chela85

    hahahahahahahaha Rob says tyke (or tike? I don't know lol) "Yeah tyke like you little tyke" and the interviewer and Taylor are like is that? But I like what Taylor said "Um no, yeah that's my favorite too. Tyke."

  • shelby

    tyke means bitch... look it up on merriam webster or whatever...also means dog... saying something about taylor there rob? lol.... hes adorable...rob that is...

  • anna

    IL UV U ROB!! ur sooo awsome!!

  • Lizzie

    Haha oh my gosh! Rob is way to cute! "TYKE"! you hear curse words and loudness and then it gets all quiet and you hear "tyke"....omg im gonna say that all the time now!! LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON!!!

  • Nella

    Hahahaha Oh, Rob.... he never fails to surprise me or make me laugh.

  • teren

    i love rob pattinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love love

  • Leylakyrie

    HA HA HA - I haven't heard that is soo long. I would hear my grandfather say that when I was little - that's hilarious! He is such an old soul! I have always understood a slang term for someone that you thought was, hmmm uncivilized or uncouth. It's a snub basically. So funny that he says that! I love it!!

  • Phia

    god robert pattinson is awesome! could anyone be hotter? and tyke is used in the same way as rascal or rugrat maybe, like a disobedient kid or sumthing, does'nt really mean barbarian any more :)

  • ilovespunkransom

    I thought a clever play on "Take Me" was in order for some hot "Tyke Me" panties! haha

  • Trina

    Rob is tooo cute..what a darling..tyke hahahahaha i don't think any swear word could sound bad coming out of his mouth

  • Danielle Ninnim
    Danielle Ninnim

    Oh christ rob, you are too funny.

  • Nicole

    haha I love Robert! Tyke! Anyone curious to know what it means? It means peasant or barbarian. Those crazy Brits. XD

  • claire


  • noah


  • gusgus

    i'd like to %@!* the !#** out of Robert Pattison.

  • jstreet

    Dude, mine is totally !@$%in !@$% !@$##er. When you pull down your pants so your !@$$ can smack the !@%$ out of a stupid @#%#. It's great, you know what I'm talkin about.

  • noah

    What's the point of asking celebs what their favorite curse words are if you bleep out every single one? Fuck. Poor form. Shit.

  • sara

    robert patison va salir en la peli de crepuescupulo, no le pega nada!!!!, el video esta genial