VIDEO: Julia Roberts: Pretty Woman, Ugly Mouth

VIDEO: Julia Roberts: Pretty Woman, Ugly Mouth-photo

Attention, paparazzi: Don't f*ck with Julia Roberts.

In fact, don't even f*cking think about f*cking with Julia Roberts.

It's a well-established fact that the Pretty Woman actress and mother of three is no fan of the paps. Recently she brought this dislike to gloriously obscene levels.

Roberts, 41, was driving around with her kids in the Los Angeles area on January 10, tailed by an unshakable gang of shutterbugs.

Finally, in the parking lot of Islands Restaurant in Venice, California, Roberts could take no more. She jumped from her car and advanced on the cameras.

"Get the f*ck out of my face!" Roberts screamed at the paparazzi. "You've been following me around all day!" After warning the photogs that she had their license-plate numbers, she continued her blue streak, bellowing, "F*ck off! Aim higher! Get a life! Get away from me!"

In December, a former bodyguard of Roberts' told the media that her hygiene is sorely lacking.

"Julia is a total hippie," the ex-employee revealed. "She'll go days without showering."

Next time Roberts does decide to bathe, maybe she should consider washing her mouth out as well.



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  • vpopadiuc87

    I love her and i think she is the bombbbb beeee

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Does she kiss her mother with that mouth? More importantly, would she kiss me with that mouth? I think I kind of love her after viewing that video.

  • cb007

    Maybe the photographer being a he or a she in this case, might want to look at themselves in the mirror, before they leave the house. HMMM Just a thought!!!!!

  • cb007

    I've been there.Your kids safety while driving comes first. Good on You JULIA. Some people look great when saying F..CK, or just naturally smiling. Cheers

  • bawwow

    what a badass! i love her

  • Dave

    Just doing their job is one thing but following these people all day everywhere is another thing its a joke I mean come on just because they make a movie does it give us or paps the right to invade their life 24/7. As for what Julia said YAH 4 her stick up for yourself and ya kids.