VIDEO: Katharine McPhee's Got a New Friend

VIDEO: Katharine McPhee's Got a New Friend-photo

Who knew she was still so popular?

Former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee was running a few errands today in Beverly Hills when dozens of paparazzi descended on the petite brunette.

Katharine tried to play nice with the paps, who continued to bombard her with questions about her opinion on same sex marriage, until someone came to her rescue! A homeless woman, who is known on the Beverly Hills streets as the "Queen of the Scene," because she's always getting involved with celebs, decided to grab McPhee's hand and usher her into the parking garage.

You've got to see this for yourself:

Dang. She is better than most paid bodyguards. Someone needs to snatch her up!



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  • stallown3d

    I love that I can "Get this look!" for that homeless woman. And for anyone out there who think that's in bad taste, you better read up on your fashion trends. "Bag lady" is all the rage in Milan right now.

  • charliemurphy

    My Mom is the COOLEST!

  • Trish

    That is HILARIOUS! Seriously, someone needs to hire this "queen". That was cute!