VIDEO: Kelli McCarty: From Miss USA to Porn

VIDEO: Kelli McCarty: From Miss USA to Porn-photo

Plenty of beauty queens have dabbled in the erotic arts. It just took Kelli McCarty a little longer than most.

TMZ reports that McCarty—who won the Miss USA competition in 1991—has signed on with adult-video company Vivid Entertainment and has just finished filming  her first XXX feature, Faithless.

Prior to taking the dive into porn, McCarty, 39, starred as the villainous Beth Wallace on the soap opera Passions starting in 1999. In 2006, her character was killed off in a car crash.

No word on whether McCarty's husband, television producer Matt Dearborn—who's worked on Beverly Hills, 90210 and the Shia LaBeouf-starring Even Stevens, among other series—will involve himself in any of his wife's upcoming projects.

"I enjoy acting,and I really like sex," McCarty explains of her career transition. "So this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions."

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation.

And just for fun check out this (warning: long) video of McCarty on a recent episode of The Gregory Mantell Show. The topic? Whether beauty pageants exploit or empower women.

It might be time for McCarty to film a follow-up segment.

In the meantime, have your say in the comments section: Did Kelli McCarty make a wise career decision by going into porn?



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    I guess she just wanted more "meaty" roles.