VIDEO: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Get Mobbed in Brazil

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Get Mobbed in Brazil-photo

Twilight starts Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrived in Brazil on Saturday to promote the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, and let's just say things got a little intense at the airport.

Can you say, "Near-riot?"

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's time for Taylor and K-Stew to beef up their security?



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  • ceos

    HAHAHAHAH you guys talk like idiots. Nw you all say that you will not do that.but that is not true you will jump like a crazy monkey on top of them and like a typical american you will want to f++k them (very quiet) ahahahhahahah

  • Brazilian and Proud
    Brazilian and Proud

    "And how idiot can you be ***hole?I'm american too, but, dude, what is your problem?This isn't a cool thing to say ok? And ten years from here when Brazil and other countrys will take care of the world economy what will they say? That we are loser too, one day you are in the top but in the other it's not like that" This was the smartest comment on this site. I'm not a Twilight fan and I stumbled into this but Brazilians are GREAT people. Crazy, yes... but we mean well. And haha, third world country? For sure. But our economy is the most promising at the moment! SO many Americans moving to Sao Paulo to work on our banks, companies, factories. Just wait and see, the future is here!

  • megan

    seriuslly????? Are really judging the fans? Because they love Kristen and Taylor? That's funny, they have tons of money, fame, people who love them EVERYWHERE and poor them????? OMG that's what is crazy. Those crazyyyyyy insane paparazzi here in America fallowing every single "famous" person they see on street, or BRITNEY SPEARS...THAT'S normal? And the fans of this succesful saga are the ones who are out of control... ha ha you're funny people.

  • Anonymous

    There are Real loving fans in

  • Le

    Brazilian fans are the best! We may be crazy but everybody love us....

  • brazil

    This is Brazil! L--O-V-E! but the world's running very cold heart to understand what that means! sad!

  • Paula Longhin
    Paula Longhin

    Insane was the people who said this, cause everybody love Brazil for the energy, the love we give to our idols... cause we really love then. So, stop say "stupid people" cause we don't. OK? everybody makes this, and everybody knows, and please don't tell "AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T MAKE THIS, CAUSE THEY DO" respect guys +2

  • rhiannon

    I agree with Kaitlin though these fans aren't quite "phychos" they do sort of ruin it for the rest of us. I mean sure if I saw them I would be excited but i wouldnt go mob crazy! It may sound harsh but you need a little more self respect girls.

  • Dave

    Ah, vão pro raio que parta. Tudo inveja das olimpiadas... sinto muito americanos, Kiki e Tay disseram que não esperavam tanta receptividade... talvez porque vocês são tão "Third World Losers" quanto quem escreve nessa porra de site, que não tem o que postar, e acaba falando merda mesmo. Vão todos se fuderem, o Brasil é super superior e não precisa desses 2 maricas amarelos não, podem ficar pra vocês. Quando a MILEY VIER PRA CÁ, VÃO FALAR MERDINHA TAMBÉM HEIN? AÍ QUEM VAI VIRAR LOBISOMEM SOU EU, NÃO É O JACOB :D

  • Dave

    Allright, shut the f*ck up. U.S fans are just saying that because of the Olympiads xoxo, and ENVY US! HAHA WE SCREAM A LOT BECAUSE WE R-E-A-L-L-Y SHOW OUR LOVE!

  • Larissa

    I'm Brazilian and used to be a twilight fan too, but I'm so embarassed with all this caos. it's stupid to treat actors like they were gods or something. and even worse if they're not desperatly looking for fame like some celebrities are. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  • jazzy6

    people should leave them alone before they quit

  • lalá

    aff..o povo nem fez nada,só gritaram...

  • bethli

    omg.. get more security

  • The President
    The President

    i am not from Brazil but I love the Brazillian Twilight fans...If you notice, there were men too. Quote MEN not boys... I'm not referring to the bodyguards but those who were asking autograph too... Wow !!! At least it proves that Kristen can captivate male fans too... Why not? She is one of the loveliest star (with or without make-up) at this moment and SHE IS HOT!!! As hot as Rob... They deserve to be together....

  • fdesignercuttie

    ehmagod! no wonder robert hates the paparazzi so much. he gets it the worse. AND, i pity kristen. she doesnt like this attention and taylor is just growing up STILL!

  • Alessandra

    haha, third world losers. Person, I don´t even know if I can call you a person, you chicken sh*t! More respect when you talk about my country! I´m so fu***** disgusted with your country but even being like that I respect it! Because I know that must be exceptions there! So shut the fuc** up! I don´t give a sh*t to twilight! Go to hell you Kirsten, Taylor and Twilight! The only thing good in the usa is Kate Winslet and she´s not even american! And that´s why she´s good! I´m sorry for those who didn´t deserve listening to that! But the stupid comment pissed me off!

  • Milk

    They are receiving so much money for this! Don't be sorry for them. Kisses to Brazil! This coutry is amazing!

  • lizbizz11

    Holy sh*t I did not know what was just going on there.

  • ...

    Ridiculo, esse bando de norte americanos se acham tao superiores!E eu vou escrever na minha lingua mesmo porque e um bando de idiotas esses que ficam generalizando nos brasileiros chamando a gente de "povo idiota"! Idiota sao voces que estão fazendo uma tempestade no copo d'agua. Eu nao achei nada demais, primeiro li os comentarios e depois fui assistir o video, e pelo o que li estava esperando o pior, mas nao, nao aconteceu nada! Bando de FDP voces se acham superiores mas sao todos uns montes de merda!

  • C

    Ridículo, esse bando de norte americanos se acham tão superiores!E eu vou escrever na minha língua mesmo porque é um bando de idiotas esses que ficam generalizando nós brasileiros chamando a gente de "povo idiota"! Idiota são vocês que estão fazendo uma tempestade no copo d'água. Eu não achei nada demais, primeiro li os comentários e depois fui assistir o vídeo, e pelo o que li estava esperando o pior, mas não, não aconteceu nada! Bando de FDP vocês se acham superiores mas são todos uns montes de merda!

  • khjilpçjh

    normal para p Brasil! ;]]] oaskasokasopkaspoaskops apesar que foi muiito isagero dos fans, mas fazer o que. é Brasil.... aoskasopsakosasao adorooooooooooooo. ;]] eles não vão encontrar fans assim em lugar algum .... só no Brasil. kisssss

  • coco

    woow if this is before the new moon movie comes out, i cant imagine after.

  • m&g

    omg that is crazy .... they should get more security.. if i was them i would be a scared to be around so loving fans.. lol

  • LovesJasper

    Ridiculous - -absolutely absurd behavior.

  • jess


  • tessa

    don't like Kristen or Taylor.

  • carol

    brazil rocks!! vocês americanos são muito bestas não fazem nada de mais sorry for the usa people

  • Christy

    haha, third world losers. And how idiot can you be ***hole?I'm american too, but, dude, what is your problem?This isn't a cool thing to say ok? And ten years from here when Brazil and other countrys will take care of the world economy what will they say? That we are loser too, one day you are in the top but in the other it's not like that.

  • Nikki

    Disrespectful and scary. They are just kids! I can't imagine the anxiety they feel walking into a crowd like that.

  • Christy

    Brazilians are just C-R-A-Z-Y! It's true, they're different fans a little bit crazy, but they're the best too. Just poor Taylor and Kristen, I bet they were scared, because OMFG that's really scary. But in the end is just love, and I can say that the brazilian people are the best ever and they are the craziest too, yeah I love Brazil!

  • May

    haha, third world losers. you can say that are some over the top fans but don't call an entire country as loser, you are the loser here!

  • May

    Welcome to Brazil!! thats the way 'we' roll, not me, but the crazy ones unfortunately -.-

  • bec

    omg i that is ridiculous. people can go wway over the top. they should have more security. kristen so small she could of got trampled on

  • Peaches


  • vanessa

    i think it's very rude what everybody has been saying about the brazilian fans . At least they were sorrounded by fans, people who were crazy just to take a picture of them, not those "bloodsucking" paparazis . and they said in an interview that they really liked there.

  • lala

    Wow, i'm happy that people actually KNOW that this kinda stuff happens everywhere, not only here, in Brazil. Kris and Taylor were a bit scared first, but they were so nice, and so sweet. Hope they've had a good impression of the country...

  • lala

    haha, third world losers. vai toma no cu filho da puta nao fala merda que vc não sabe de porra nenhuma! Ouch.

  • Donna Marie
    Donna Marie

    i feel so sorry for them.... they cant go anywhere.... people are crazy.... can u not just let them do there job.... grrr people agrivate me.... if u were a fan u wouldnt do that to them... people are to celeb obseesed.... what is touching them going to do "omg i touched kristen"(hello how pathetic)....i wouldnt wanna do more promotion if i was them.... they make normal fans look bad

  • Vlzzi

    I`d never do such thing .. it looks so sad .. poor kristen and taylor ..

  • danishgirl

    I love them, and i want se see them, but i would never do it like the cracy fans does in the movie. ??

  • Sara

    well so much for the Robsten Chateau Marmont shack-up then, eh Twihards?

  • sadadwqd


  • llsfkdfewsdf
  • sophie

    wow, seriously? they just got off their plane!!! cant they leave in the airport in peace????? just a simple request...

  • Brian

    Brazil Rocks... luv yall brazilian

  • Anonymous

    Hey, don't call us third wolrd losers... Yes, that was a little too much, but I didn't see brazilians saying bad things about americans... And is not like every brazilian's like that... I'm brazilian, I have idols and I don't do this kind of stuff... Anyway, that's a little too much but STOP HURTING US!

  • Ozymandias

    haha, third world losers.

  • ximena

    i cant beleive i'm in argentina and she is SO near to me. i cant accept the idea of having kristen only 2 hours of plane trip away and i cant do nothing. i really hate that. but i just love God and i know He's going to be with her anytime, anywhere, so, what matters? love kristen too.

  • another twilighter
    another twilighter

    imagine if rob was there too... it could be worse! haha poor kristen and taylor...tsk.tsk.tsk

  • Francine de Souza
    Francine de Souza

    i cant understand y people are calling the brazilian fans stupid... i think that"s pretty cool(i mean that was a little 2 much) but come on...they just one show the love their idols... its not like they got 2 see them everyday..... remember when rob said that ny fans were crazy...?????? come on.... and its ny i mean how often they gotta to see him? i mean we're here all we have to do is travel to california...or whatever and we might find one of them... but brazilians??? come on....they are on the other side of the world for God's sake...........

  • Dawn

    Just make sure they come back home safe and sound!

  • obsessed

    WOW! thats crazy, their literally being dragged by bodyguards! lmfaooo totally hilarious, pretty sure rob himself could come up with more fans!

  • lahe27

    that is fricken crazy!!! i have to admit if i was there though, i probably would have been screaming too!l lolz! :) guilty :(

  • C

    Eu não achei nada demais, até que eles foram muito bem recebidos.=)

  • sydsouth

    * I'm ashamed to call my self a fan too---I don't want to be one of those twilight fans thats disrespectful,, and rude...I still am a fan though!!* LOVE YOU, TAYLOR....

  • a k
    a k

    haha isso eh ridiculo...que dó deless ..eles se acham superiores , ..isso só tornam eles miseraveis !

  • Crystal

    Now they know what Rob feels like :) How amazingly sad, they could have gotten really hurt. So, their lives are over now too?

  • Audrey

    Open your eyes people! This is not about the nationality of the people! It does not matter where these stars go, people LOVE them. There should be a different set up everywhere they go to keep the fans back so it's not up to the security guards to shelter the stars with their body. This mob would be terrifying no matter where or when it happened. Someone is going to get hurt if extra precautions are not taken... Summit, please protect these Twilight stars better!

  • bree

    I saw the pics of rob arriving in Japan and the difference is glaring. The fans were there but they were barracaded and they got pics and autographs from him. And he could walk through without being bear hugged out of the exit.

  • Vicki

    Where Rob was filming Remember Me in NY was in a heavily populated tourist area and a college area. Believe me those were not NY'ers running after him and grabbing him I don't know were those people were from...or should I say young girls.

  • Twilighterxxx

    wow...thats madness! cool...tho...i think twilight fans should get an award for most fanatic fans! lol!

  • Sarah

    Don´t call the braziliands fand "stupid people". This kind of behaviour happens all over the world.. Don´t even try to say "americans don´t do that", ´cause they do. Respect, guys.

  • dee

    I love how people are trying to defend these fans, by making comparisons to Rob's NY cab situation. I'm sure the fans who caused him to run out into the street loved him and wanted to be closer to him too....doesn't make it right. People from everywhere need to learn to be respectful and learn boundaries.

  • kim

    Poor Taylor and kristen !! im sure they really enjoy being celeb and doing what they like the most .. but Holly crap... this is Beyyyoonnnnddd reality ! Let them live ,

  • marjorye

    I´m very sorry about this crazy fans, but they´re exceptions. Brazilian people are not like that at all... (I´m brazilian, so I can say..) They just want tho know the actors of the film they really love, but I repeat: the crazy fans are EXCEPTIONS, most people in Rio or SP are totally complain whit the artist´s world. And those fans love them, want to give their love for them, that´s it... we have just to enjoin the moment, they disearv this lov

  • Smiley

    OMG! that is not right!! :O they need more body gards! Kristen being pure protected/huged buy the body gard guy :O:O:O:O

  • LondonLove

    Hasn't Summit learned anything from the situations with Rob during the filming of Remember Me in New York? They never seem to be prepared. Get on the ball Summit, one of these days there will be an injury or worse.

  • G

    that's so desrespectful, you go on and on about us brazilians fans but as far as i'm concerned, we didn't almost have them run over by a taxi like Rob in NY, so let us enjoy the moment that we barely have to see them ok?

  • coco

    haha brazilians are some kind of 'we love everything' jerks.. :p i had a fave band called McFLY, they are a british band sounds like the beatles and queen mixed.. well when they first visited Brazilia those people attacked them, i mean it..attacked them! it's insane :D haha

  • Leila

    fans of Brazil may even exaggerate the madness with the idols, but with demonstrations of great love and never to offend ... I think Kristen, after the surprise at the airport, and seemed happy and relaxed when taking pictures with fans at the hotel .. quite different from what she usually elsewhere ... she received affection, admiration and respect ... well, let's wait whether she thought the fans warm or "stupid people" ...

  • Kaitlin

    I sadly watched the video. :[ The fans areOUT OF CONTROL. It was ridiculous, disrespectful, and rude. These fans are the reasons I'm ashamed to call myself a fan. They give the "normal" fans a bad name. And poor Kristen and Taylor, but especially Kristen. She must've been scared out of her mind around those crazy psychos.

  • Taís

    Brazilians may be crazy, but everybody LOVES us. Thats what matters! ha!

  • KristenRULES!!

    WOW, they were totally bombarded!

  • Sarah

    Brazilian fans are famous for their screams.. It´s a very happy country! They like to be close to their idols... It´s really nice.

  • Nazish

    wow...i would faint with all this screaming going on in the background....stupid people!

  • sassa

    they need more security, these fans are crazy, poor Kristen and Taylor

  • taylor873

    thats insane..i feel so bad for taylor and Kristen.

  • yeayyyyy!@#$%

    Thats insane i feel extremely sorry for them.i wouldnt be able to do that i would go insane!

  • fienchen

    yeah i love the saga too but this is so crazy omg ^^ poor kristen and taylor

  • wow

    holy sh*t! hahahaha omg thats madness!!!