VIDEO: La Toya Jackson Makes Her Way Back Into Bruno

VIDEO: La Toya Jackson Makes Her Way Back Into Bruno-photo

Thank goodness for DVDs.

La Toya Jackson's scene from Sacha Baron Cohen's raunchy comedy Bruno was hastily removed from the theatrical version of the film earlier this year, due to the fact that Jackson's brother, Michael Jackson, had passed away just two weeks prior to the release.

But time goes by, life goes on, and now, on the DVD version of Bruno, we can finally witness the spectacle of La Toya eating sushi off of an obese, nude man's torso, while sitting on the back of another man.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Was it worth the wait?



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  • Sue

    It is really SICK- please some respect and restraint.Possibly the best Latoya could do. She is the one who betrayed Michael publically after the Chandler accusations....... not for Latoya, but for Michael it should be deleted. Such brillaince compared with this low disgusting Bruno character. DREADFUL DREADFUL-keep this ut of the movie for the sake of MJ

  • ludmila

    the worst movie ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diana

    this is paula abdul not la toya jackson