VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Does the 'Today' Show

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Does the 'Today' Show-photo

Despite the pouring rain, Miley Cyrus pulled through like a trouper on Today this morning, busting out four songs—"Kicking and Screaming," "See You Again," "The Climb" and "Party in the USA"—for her drenched, screaming fans.

The Hannah Montana actress also sat down for an interview to discuss everything from her new EP The Time of Our Lives ("This is kind of my transition; the next record I want to be able to step it up a little bit") to her new Walmart clothing line ("It's all super-cheap" and "it's built for people with normal bodies") to making mistakes with the whole world watching ("It just makes me want to try harder the next time, when I know that little girls look at me and say I'm their hero").

In case you missed it, check out video of Cyrus' interview and performances below:



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  • MileyRocks

    The haters on this site are horrible, dumb, fagbags that are never going to amount to much. Pathetic!

  • lawless2day

    she's never going to amount to much she already has stupid!

  • mileyfan21!!

    DUMB! shes trying to change her voice now. pathetic! uh, your pathetic! you wish u could have even an ounce of that talent.get a life moron!

  • Becks

    I actually thought Kicking and Screaming was decent. Her voice is low and gravelly which would lend itself well to more punky rock stuff rather than pop. Thats just my take.

  • rawe

    kincking and screaming was horrible :S

  • obsessed

    fag bag

  • anonymous

    she's never going to amount to much

  • Mileyfan

    Miley you are so awesome keep up the good work. Much Love God bless.

  • maxine25

    DUMB! shes trying to change her voice now. pathetic!


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