VIDEO: Nene Leakes vs. Michael Lohan!

VIDEO: Nene Leakes vs. Michael Lohan!-photo

Oh man, it's SO on!

Check out this clip from The Insider, where Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes dukes it out with everyone's favorite daddy, Michael Lohan!

This is classic, people!

What line is your favorite? Ours is Michael telling Nene to "do something worthwhile." Ha!



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  • Tiffany

    When will this loud mouth, ghetto, wish she was a size 10, dont know who her daddy is, hood rat just go away. If she came to Cali she would get eaten alive like the moose she is.

  • The T
    The T

    NeNe was halarious she put Michael Lohan in his place and he needed it he need to find a job and take care of his own buisness. NeNe put him in his place and she is so funny and loving she has a good heart and she is the truth. she need to be on the show regularly she is a blast and a joy of fun we love you NeNe and you go girl. smiles and love you a lot your fans from florida

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    10,26,2009 941pm Please, You are sooo jealous I think NeNe did a great job even his daughter states that he need to mind his own business and what was he doing at that particular restaurant with Kim the lair and the cheater. They say you can tell a person character by the company they keep ie Kim and Michael Lohan. Insider Please have NeNe on the show as a regular please she is soo funny and every one love to hate her and everyone love to love her she is soo real and honest and sometime that can get you into trouble but in the end you will win every time being honest. Please bring her back on your nightly show I promise your rating will go up. Every one love and and Whoo gona check the insider boo.!!!!!!!NeNe Leaks will check the insider boo!@!!!!! Lolo.

  • av

    So unprofessional!

  • kyuubi

    I don't think even Shaq's foot could fit in Nene's mouth!

  • Jen

    That was the most annoying thing I have ever watched.

  • Laura

    Nene shredded him to pieces.