VIDEO: Peter Facinelli Enjoys His Buddy's Bikini Dance

VIDEO: Peter Facinelli Enjoys His Buddy's Bikini Dance-photo

You have to give Peter Facinelli's friends credit: They're pretty good sports.

As reported yesterday, Twilight star Facinelli and his pal Rob DeFranco had a bet going as to whether Facinelli could amass 500,000 followers on his Twitter page by a certain date.

DeFranco lost the bet and, in accordance with the wager, he stuffed himself into a bikini and did a little dance at the busy intersection of Hollywood and Vine on Tuesday.

Check out the video evidence below. Bust a move, brother!

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  • twilightobsessed

    ROFLMFAOO!!! literalllyy!! that's hilariouss!!! i love peterr!

  • sad

    ew, the girl with the bleached blonde hair and looks like an oompa loompa

  • lachlan

    you'd never see any of carlisles friends doing that bahaha

  • missbrightside

    love peterrr :D

  • genuine

    hahahaha so funny!!! is so cute(the two)

  • liz1101

    lmao, at least the man is for his word. Pretty funny but cool.


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