‘Candidly Nicole:’ Flowers To Make You Feel Pretty, Slutty Or Just Plain Old

By: Kelly Lynch / May 7, 2013

While some of you were balking at her Met Ball get-up last night, Nicole Richie has moved on to more pressing matter: Flowers.  Flowers for your kitchen, flowers to reflect how grown-up you are, flowers for Mother’s day.  Flowers.  Everywhere.

On episode two of AOL On’s Candidly Nicole, Richie stopped by Eric Buterbaugh‘s flower gallery in Beverly Hills.  Her mission: To determine what kinds of flowers go with certain occasions (such as getting to third base, but not going all the way).

Buterbaugh and Richie went back and forth on what kind of vase to select and which flowers are best to bring to a lesbian wedding.

Fact: Daisies are considered the “Desperate” flower.