Casting ’50 Shades of Grey’: Who Should Play Christian Grey?


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  • Tracey Anstey
    Tracey Anstey

    jessie pavelka is the ONLY person perfect 4 christian grey

  • HilaryMarie

    Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for the C.G. role!!!!

  • Marialena

    Alex Pettyfer or Henry Cavill ara perfect for Cristian's role!!!!

  • mr. know it all
    mr. know it all

    Duh-Blake Shelton

  • Kate

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Crystal

    William Levy!!! He is sexy and looks like he'd give you a gentle kiss and still be fifty shades of messed up.

  • Fan

    If there is someone like American psycho, it would be perfect! But Christian bale or whatever his name is too old now. We need someone like that character!

  • Lana

    Alexander Skarsgård would be perfect!! <3

  • masseyclik

    TAYLOR KINNEY is perfect forChristian Grey. He fits the bill perfectly. I like Matt Bomer but I agree with the earlier post that he is a bit too polished. Ian S would be my second choice. I would have to see Henry Cavill play the role of a bad boy first to see if he can bring "Fifty" to the screen as he needs to!!

  • Gwen

    I think Chris Hemsworth is the absolute perfect match! Tall well built, and just absolutely the sexiest man out there! And his eyes!!!! Oh my!!!

  • maureentampa

    Nolan Ross from Revenge (Gabriel Mann) should play Christian Grey. OMG he's so hot!

  • Michelle

    Henry Cavill, he is perfect for the role Christian Grey, just perfect!!

  • Ianne

    I just can't see Matt Bomer who has openly admitted to being gay plays the part of Christian Grey... no matter how good of an actor you are. In the campus paper interview that brought Anastasia to Christian Grey, she asked him if he were gay. This is a very intense moment that will essentially set the tone for both lead characters. It's hard to imagine and be captivated by a Christian Grey who can never fall in love with Anastasia because they are on the same team! I think Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Christian Grey!!!

  • Victoria

    Ian S def needs to be Christian gray

  • hon

    Ian S is Grey, or they should go for a complete unknown. Love Cavill but he's like a brick wall. Bomer is too polished (and something else that would make it hard for me find him convincing, sorry).

  • Tammy

    You need IAN HARDING.

  • Elsa

    Alex Pettyfer! Ian Somerhalder is not even close. Henry Cavill is totally the wrong choice. He looks old.

  • shanti

    Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer would be a perfect fit, for Christian's role!!!

  • Karen

    Alexander Skarsgård he's the one I picture in my head as he already plays similiar to Grey already but in true blood.

  • Lily Vento
    Lily Vento

    MATT BOMER!!! He is the perfect descripción On Christian Grey. He is my CG!!

  • kar1


  • Angi Navarro
    Angi Navarro

    Colin Egglesfield or Ian Somerhalder only. No one else mentioned yet has been good enough looking except that guy who plays Danel Grayson on Revenge, I forget his name....

  • Mana Alah
    Mana Alah

    so far my best nominee would be for Matt Bomer. he's perfect in my opinion..even if he'd gay ;)

  • nicole Dailey
    nicole Dailey

    Only Henry Cavill in thé man for the job view his work and u will see why he is so Christian

  • Janice Dunham
    Janice Dunham

    Henry Cavill is the right one..