Jennifer Lawrence Takes Aim in New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip


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  • Brodie

    I just posted five minuets ago, but I wanted to say one last thing. It is nobody's business who Rob wants to date. It is his lovelife. I know alot of us wants things to work out with him and Kristen, but maybe it's just not in the stars. Either way, they are both down-to-earth, sweet and talented actors, and I wish them all the best that life has to offer them. Good luck Rob and Kristen.

  • Vrushali

    I wish they would get engaged, merriad or whatever official action to confirm their relationship. I am saying this because it must be so scary for Kristen to be receiving death threats from some "clinically insane" and lunatic fans of Robert. Her life could be in peril. I would be so paranoid to even go out if I were her. But she seems brave enough.