The Daily Buzz: Kate Upton Gets Soaked in ‘GQ’ Shoot Outtakes


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  • danielle

    Haywood Yablome, I get why you're so confused, after all, sarcasm is indicative of intelligence.

  • Haywood Yablome
    Haywood Yablome

    Kate's boobs aren't fake. Can't you tell the difference?

  • Haywood Yablome
    Haywood Yablome

    Who's the dude in this video ..(Kate Hudson's nipples and you say, "I kinda don't need to see this" .... Are you gay, man? Of course we need to see it (nudity). You say, "Guy's want imagination?" ... Maybe gay guys do. I want my unobtainable models nude and trashy. I'll never see them that way in person. Imagination with obtainable girls? Sure. That leaves something for when you might be with them in private. As far as imagination for the few guys who will be "private" with the models? Sorry, but I don't know to tell ya. Don't look at magazines, I guess. Those pics are for us dreamers anyway, not you.

  • joe


  • Kellie

    Is Hyla gay or what? Saying he didn't want to see her nipples? C'mon...any straight red blooded man would want to see nipples. smfh

  • brayansondovalcruz

    Hay,me you are right but what does the numbers have to do with this**** case***....?

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  • honey boo boo
    honey boo boo

    ddid they get that gal to comment who has no breasts on purpose. I'm just asking?

  • Jonathan Hilton
    Jonathan Hilton

    Why would soeone with such a gorgeous face enhance her breasts so much they take attention Away from her face?????

  • hay, me
    hay, me

    Jonthan, your EX- wifes breasts were fine budy. Hell, while you and her were still married, everyone on the football team would go over to your place when you were out. We'd all toss a few back with her and the general agreement among to boys was always 8 out of 10. that's not bad Jonathan. Course some of the teams would give her extra points if she didn't gag

  • mukesh


  • Gagootz

    Thank you Roy, it needed to be said, how silly! Who says that???

  • Roy_Munson

    Sure. I'm an astronaut!

  • Jonathan

    She is pretty. But her her breasts are like waterbags. My Ex wife was as pretty and had a better rack She asked if it would be OK if she topless sunbathed in Cancun, and was shocked when I told her absolutely . Why be offended to have one of the most beautiful women on the beach with the most perfect body beside you?