Kim Kardashian Wants to be Divorced Before Baby


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  • Elizabeth

    In the State of California any woman that was married to someone other than the father of the baby can not put the father of the baby's name on the birth certificate. Once her divorce is final paternity can be established. Kim K can either list her current husband Kris Humphreys as the father or leave the father information blank on the birth certificate. FYI I do birth certificates for a living. this a semi common situation.

  • khuthala

    oh i pray for her as well................

  • Rubyskye

    She should have thought about that before getting pregnant by another man while being married to another.carlota up there has kris and kim mixed up!

  • Carlota Linn
    Carlota Linn

    Yes, Kim deserves to be happy because this Kris Humphrey is an antisocial,stupid, narrow minded midwestern that wants to ruin her life to this beautiful kind hearted person. I am praying for her and her Baby that she can finally put this behind