Kristen Stewart Talks Robert Pattinson on ‘Today’


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  • Gabby

    She's actually still 22. She won't be 23 until April 9th. I sort of agree with Helene, but at the same time, she makes it more of a big deal by not just being straight-forward and saying "Yes we are" or "No we aren't." Kristen Stewart is my idol, she's my inspiration, and she's my favorite actress, but I'm going to be honest and say that it irked me that she didn't just answer with a yes or no. She's had such loyal fans, including me, through all of this, so it just seems like it would be doing her fans a favor by finally answering that question. If she would just get it over with and answer, people would stop asking.

  • helene

    Why can't she just be a professsional actress and have them all butt out of her private life. She is 23 years old. A woman but still a kid. She has lots of living to do. Isn't it up to them to either make a new committment to each other or go their separate ways. Are we the public acting like vampires and feeding on them. Lets live our lives and let them live theirs!