Michael Shannon Gives Dramatic Reading of Insane Sorority Email (NSFW)

By: Robert Kessler / April 22, 2013

Michael Shannon has taken on many complicated roles throughout his career. His turn as the troubled John Givings in Revolutionary Road earned him an Oscar nomination, and he’s received praise for his role as a bootlegger with a secret on Boardwalk Empire.

But in this video, Shannon may be taking on the toughest role of his life: mean sorority girl.

Last week, Gawker published what it called “The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read.” The email’s anonymous author became an immediate star and the phrase “c*** punt” became an instant classic.

Shannon sat down with Funny or Die and gives a dramatic reading of the passionate (and very not safe for work) email. The results are intense and hilarious.