Nick Cannon Weighs In on Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s ‘American Idol’ Feud: ‘I Was a Little Disappointed in the Producers’ (VIDEO)

By: Gabrielle Chung / November 13, 2012

'Nicki Minaj: My Truth'
The singer dishes about Mariah Carey in her E! special.
Producer Nigel Lythgoe says the Mariah/Nicki feud is real.
Nick Cannon is standing by his gal.

The 32-year-old recently appeared on Anderson Coopers talk show to weigh in on his wife Mariah Carey‘s alleged feud with her fellow American Idol judge, Nicki Minaj.

“Oh man, I think it was what it was. A lot of theatrics and stuff. I guess I was a little disappointed in the producers because that’s not what American Idol is about,” Cannon said.

“I felt like they fed off of it a little bit. You know, people are always going to have disagreements and stuff, during the commercial you and I could have went at it, but the fact that someone was able to get a camera phone and take it out.”

The infamous exchange — in which Minaj, 29 threatened to “knock out” Carey, 42 — leaked online in early October. In the video, which was taken during an audition Charlotte, N.C., Minaj is heard dropping plenty of f-bombs, screaming, “I told them, I’m not f***in’ putting up with her f***in’ highness over there.”

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Cannon explained of the situation, “I mean, yeah, clearly you can see that they are a very intense judging panel, but obviously everybody is interested in what the show is going to be about, and my wife is the classiest and the strongest woman that I’ve ever met, so she’s handling it the way she is supposed to handle it.”

Since then, more footage of Minaj dishing about the exchange has surfaced. In the second installment of her three-part E! series, Nicki Minaj: My Truth, the “Starships” rapper claims the leak footage and the supposed feud is “another ploy to get me off the show.”

“But we’re going to keep on moving. We’re having a great time on Idol. I love the producers; I love that they gave me a chance on the show,” she continued. “And ain’t nobody going to run me off that motherf***ing show.”

What do you make of Carey and Minaj’s feud: real drama or fictionalized fighting? Sound off below.

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