Octomom Nadya Suleman Denies She Had Plastic Surgery Before Nude Shoot


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  • Eddie

    So strong that is takes an irresponsible person to have so many kids at a great financial expense and without a father. Does not matter if she went through a lot. Fact is she has mental issues and needs help there.

  • Loren

    This women so strong... another one will already end in the hospital or gone forever. She went true a lot... And some people so spiteful to her and hate her for no reason. I feel so sorry to her. She is just tried to survive and be with her kids. She amaze me. She is Strong Real Women.

  • lt

    I'm from Lithuania and you don't look like lithuanian...

  • lisa

    a c-section people...leaves scars

  • Erika

    She is a liar and not a very good one her scare is just healed.the line that looked like a smile from hip to hip is what it looks like after it's completely healed......wow she had no problem lying! Just say it's private....what character!!! Ok people this is who you all threw your money to ......

  • Deviann

    Letty it sounds like you are the one who is coo coo.

  • Letty Garcia
    Letty Garcia

    KOO!! Koo!! KOO!! Koo!!

  • Letty Garcia
    Letty Garcia

    This woman has a Delusional disorder and lost her marbles!!.. like a mix ethenisity makes a difference!.. Oh Yea!!... we're all going to believe that crock!!.. LOL!!! :D