Penelope Disick Makes Her TV Debut on ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’


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  • HA Dixon
    HA Dixon

    Someone should pay heed to Courtney and Scott's little boy, Mason, when he's running around like a little wild monkey (with no one even paying attention to the noise he's making) or the uncontrolled 'mayhem' he's causing... and practically scaring the baby Penelope to death -- you can see the fear on her little face, but no one's noticing, of course! These Kardashian women are like spoiled brats themselves -- so they shouldn't even have children! They all make me sick and their "nasal-whiny-baby-talking-mouths" are the most irritating voices to listen to in all of Hollyweird! Hire a -- VOICE COACH -- you can all afford it!!

  • sly2012

    Why would Khloe say that Kourtney needs Scott in Miami to help with the kids when Scott rarely ever even watches the kids? Bringing Scott to Miami is like bringing a 3rd child along. You Kardashian sisters should be all over Kourtney for the way she allows Scott to treat her and the children. It's disgusting to watch Scott not work, play all day and then night clubs all night. Its so obvious when he is at home spending time with Kourtney and the kids that he is miserable and rarely happy! Kourtney makes herself and every other woman out there look stupid for putting up with a cheating, lazy, manipulating, deadbeat father and Kourtney loves this loser? Yuck!!!

  • Carolyn Batson
    Carolyn Batson

    Give him his annulment! You are the one who is holding. Things up. He deserves it after the way you and your family treated him. You already knew before you walked down the aisle that the wedding should not go forward but you wanted the BIG wedding. He is a Christian and doesn't want a divorce so when he finds the right women he can have a real wedding because he sure didn't have one with you.

  • judy