Rihanna’s Topless ‘GQ’ Photo Spread: Behind-the-Scenes Footage


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  • GrammarPolice

    She looks positively miserable.

  • Chillax

    Why don't you pull the stick out of your ass?

  • Gia Amor
    Gia Amor

    so beautiful!!!!! and for those who criticize her... fuck off!!!if u don´t like her.... then turn around and go!!!but don´t keep trying to denigrate her image !

  • John Habernathy
    John Habernathy

    I do not see what the big deal is with this ghetto piece of garbage. She just is not pretty and really has no talent except for banging porch monkeys

  • gagaisaman

    is your husband as dumb as you? the proper text would be he loves me like a diamond in the sky

  • Keita

    and who r u to tell peoples' future? and whats ur own future?

  • c brown
    c brown

    pretty face....don't make no pretty heart. piece of trash.

  • Martha Stewarton
    Martha Stewarton

    What a waste. She keeps her sights low like Whitney Houston did and banged mostly monkeys. Houston was scared to move up the evolutionary scale and paid the price. This woman has the same future line up for her.


    my husband has always said to me he loves like a dimond in the sky.because i shine all the time and i am so real isnt that most darling thing to say. GODWIN LOVES VALAIDA AND SHE LOVES HIM BACK 100%