Sandra Bullock’s Nude Shower Skit on ‘Chelsea Lately’


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  • Maw

    God I hope someone leaks uncensored outtakes.

  • SIN

    Where is the raw version!!!!!

  • Andre R.
    Andre R.

    I guess this is just Sandy showing us that she actually has a sense of humor about herself and that's she really is in on the joke, and not like certain other women in H-Wood who throw hissy fits and sue newspapers and magazines whenever anything remotely negative is printed about them (they know who they are). Certain celebrities are used to everyone around them kissing their ass and shielding them from any negative publicity so they dont have a breakdown and go on a bender. Not Sandy. She's one of us! Good for her. (And this is the closest we'll ever see of her nude self as she is part of the elite class of H-Wood women are so rich and powerful that they can now flatout refuse to ever do legit nude scenes and just use body doubles. Oh well!)

  • Chelsea

    O.K. Ladies, who is first?

  • grubby

    wow!caught me offgaurd was this for real,love these women,great humor .wonder if this is the real sandra and thats what caused jesse to stray!

  • cassy

    wooow..!! im hot...

  • cassy

    hi jenny my name is cassy..

  • manhmax

    wow i like it ^^

  • He-Man of Motherfuckin' Eternia
    He-Man of Motherfuckin' Eternia

    I've caught bits of this show channel surfing but man, I didn't know she was so shapely. Kudos to her. Also, The Proposal showed just as much of Bullock as this.

  • Mike

    Anyone notice Sandra Bullock looks like Michael Jackson?

  • jenny

    I i need sex now please

  • jenny

    Wow i love pussy

  • Ralph Malph
    Ralph Malph

    I love that Choie is wearing water wings!!!!

  • Catherine

    They still look beautiful <3 what's wrong with you?

  • hay, me
    hay, me

    I'm sure she is thrilled to know that.

  • Angie's Organics
    Angie's Organics

    Omg.... Hilarious!

  • matrim

    I know I am going to catch crap for this but I'd do Chelsea every time before I would Sandra, something about that side boob action.................

  • sirlaffalot

    Gah-damn. My dream of a lifetime ALMOST realized!

  • candy

    Laughing my ass off....old? WhoTF said that? Some dumb unconscious ass.

  • Dee Draper
    Dee Draper

    Damn that was unexpectedly funny great performance for the both of them and Chooie too .Made me laugh out loud for real.

  • bollen

    Because they are old?? :-)

  • Chris

    why no nipple or pussy shots ?

  • Gerald Hastings
    Gerald Hastings

    That was so funny.