VIDEO: The Return of the Fantanas

VIDEO: The Return of the Fantanas-photo

Fanta-stic news, everyone!

After an extended absence, the Fantanas—those singing, bouncing, brightly-clothed figureheads of soft drink Fanta—are poised to re-take their rightful place in the pop-culture pantheon.

Just in time, too; as the above video indicates, the break-up of Capri, Lola, Sophia and Kiki left a crater-sized hole in the hearts of their legions of fans.

Luckily, their long national nightmare will soon be over, and Summer 2009 will forever be known in the history books as the Summer of the Fantanas.

Details are still developing, but visit Fanta's new Web site,, for further developments.



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  • Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel

    If you rearrange the letters in my name, Vin Diesel, it reveals my credo: "I End Lives."

    If you rearrange the letters in Fantana, it reads: "fat nana"

    Think about it.

  • noah

    Fanta cured my fear of sharks.

  • musclesmarinara

    The only reason Megan Fox dates Brian Austin Green is because he drinks Fanta every day.

    (At least that's the only plausible reason I can come up with.)

  • tigertaint

    my cat loves fanta!!

  • christophool

    I have been drinking Fanta for about 15 weeks and I have not needed to eat! You don't pour this drink into your stomach you pour it in your soul. The day I drank this soda I lost 300 lbs! I got a new chevy, a new Trailer and my kids quit meth.

  • charliemurphy

    The day I started drinking Fantana about 7 old girlfriends started calling me again. The coincidence cannot be ignored.

  • stallown3d

    I accidentally spilled a glass of orange Fanta down the front of my pants, and my soul was torn from my body and thrown into heaven by a jealous God.